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SWWU is the greatest university archery league in the world. Maybe. It represents clubs from across South Wales (Bangor is south, right?) and the West of England, hosting regional events and attending national competitions.

Updates from the swwuniverse

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meet the team

Keely Pringle (Swansea alumni), Matt Walker (Swansea Alumni) and Becca Eckles (Cardiff Alumni) are the coordinators for the 2020/21 season...



All the details for upcoming SWWU fixtures can be found in our new calendar

League Tables



SWWU are running a student and alumni eLeague with submissions open from August 1st 2020.


Our records page lists the highest scores shot by SWWU archers.

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We also have an email address which is regularly checked by the SWWU coordinators. Click the button below to get in touch!

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Many thanks to Malcolm Rees and club captains for allowing us to use their photographs across the SWWUniverse

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